Through Lost Eyes

 Abandoned Dog

Come see the world through the "Eyes of the Lost",
Come feel the pain, come pay the cost.
You see them in alleyways, hiding in doors,
They shiver in winter, they're soaked when it pours.
Some may have once known a better life.
Then abandoned alone to this world of strife.

Their food's from the dumpsters, or off of the street,
Their throats grow parched in the summer heat.
In their fear and confusion, they quietly cry.
While still others must watch their little ones die.
Coats filled with fleas, mats and tatters.
They soon find out how little things matter.

Their bellies are empty, their spirits are torn,
Still they search on till their paws are worn,
My friend, I challenge you If you dare.
I ask, if you say you truly care.
Don't close your ears to the little ones cries,
See life...just this once..
"Through Lost Eyes".

By Kelli O. Kersell

Dedicated to all the strays and ferals who struggle to make it each day.



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