Dog Videos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so many words is a video worth?  Here are a selection of dog videos; from funny and humorous to heartbreaking advocacy.

  • When You Look Beyond the Breed, What You See is Just Amazing
    Pitbulls, the most abused and maligned 'breed' I think there ever has been. When you take the time to look beyond the breed, beyond the hype, beyond the BS, you cannot help but be amazed. Vicious... dangerous... You think so? Take a look....
  • Puppies Do the Darndest Things!
    As you watch this puppy video, you're probably trying hard not to laugh, thinking, 'ouch', but you just can't help yourself... it's so cute... and so funny... and the little guy is just fine. So go ahead, let that laugh out! Play it again... :)
  • An Inspiration
    Imagine if you were told you had just three weeks to live. What would you do? Would you curl up and cry and feel sorry for yourself.... would you get your affairs in order.... would you try to fulfill your most special dream? Earlier this year, Lis' Kristof, a cancer survivor for 8 years, was given just 3 weeks to live. She wasn't ready to let go until she lived her dream and this is truly inspirational.



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